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freddythemonkey: With the current layout of the site, does the Community section still exist and I just can't find it? Jul 19, 2019 2:46:15 GMT -6 *
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freddythemonkey: If not, where can one post a thread that would have gone in that section? Jul 19, 2019 2:46:39 GMT -6
hai Avatar
hai: Time is drawing short for the Switch update, but I believe it will happen today. "A man who ain't got his word is a cockroach" - Scarface Jul 19, 2019 3:52:07 GMT -6
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XombieMike: Community has been merged with non spoiler general Bloodstained discussion Jul 19, 2019 4:34:03 GMT -6
Yän Avatar
Yän: The one good thing to come out of the nerfing announcement is that the community seems to be unanimously against these changes Jul 19, 2019 12:25:20 GMT -6
matabus Avatar
matabus: Seems that way. I am still super annoyed that the patch is still MIA. Jul 19, 2019 12:38:39 GMT -6
Arsenical Avatar
Arsenical: wow im not liking how 505 is managing the game and updates. just yesterday there was a trailer about the game being awesome and praised by the press Jul 19, 2019 12:56:39 GMT -6
Arsenical Avatar
Arsenical: and now here we are. horrible update that adresses NOTHING and there are still no news for the PS4 bagpack. Jul 19, 2019 12:57:33 GMT -6
Nezuto Avatar
Nezuto: Yet they're asking for more money..... _wine Jul 19, 2019 14:48:30 GMT -6
Bloody Miri Avatar
Bloody Miri: Just going to say that with all the upcoming nerfs, I have lost the desire to play the game further beyond this point. I disagree with all the nerfs that were listed. Good thing I already nearly 100% the game, and have already beaten it. Jul 19, 2019 16:27:26 GMT -6
Bloody Miri Avatar
Bloody Miri: Uninstalled the game, and am logging out of the forum. As Alucard would say: "We'll not meet again." Jul 19, 2019 16:36:08 GMT -6
Arcueid Brunestud Avatar
Arcueid Brunestud: Lower damage numbers isn't going to bother me. See you when the next dlc hits. Jul 19, 2019 16:55:58 GMT -6
purifyweirdshard Avatar
purifyweirdshard: That seems a bit dramatic Jul 19, 2019 17:15:45 GMT -6
Leinbo Belmont Avatar
Leinbo Belmont: _chestboss-san Jul 19, 2019 18:02:12 GMT -6
Yän Avatar
Yän: Wow. It does. I disapprove of the decision but it's not like it's completely going to ruin the game. It's not going to make it better and the nerfs are weird choices all around but I'll keep enjoying the game and the extra modes we'll be getting. Jul 19, 2019 18:06:15 GMT -6
Cale Avatar
Cale: I am surprised that the nerfs are the tipping point. Not the shady practices? Not the condescending tone and talking down to fans? Not the staggered release dates and lack of a stable game? No, it was the number tweaks that made people disagree. Jul 19, 2019 18:22:05 GMT -6
Dragon_of_Dojima Avatar
Dragon_of_Dojima: The survey was a case of not reading the room. The nerfs are poor timing, poorly chosen, and definitely a case of too soon. Again, stability first, then maybe talk about nerfs and those expansion packs/online mode. Jul 19, 2019 18:31:44 GMT -6
Leinbo Belmont Avatar
Leinbo Belmont: Agreed, it is a bit chaotic with everything bouncing around too much, but I am sure it will find balance again in due time. Jul 19, 2019 18:57:09 GMT -6
Yän Avatar
Yän: I don't recall them talking in a condescending tone. The game runs perfectly fine and is stable on PC at least. I think the staggered release dates are fine. I'm still not even done with all the content there currently is to play through. Jul 20, 2019 3:50:41 GMT -6
Yän Avatar
Yän: And that's after 70+ hours of gameplay. Jul 20, 2019 3:50:51 GMT -6