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Username: motoko Last Online: Jan 19, 2018 16:23:53 GMT -6
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Team Sword yo



----------If we all reacted the same way, we'd be predictable, and there's always more than one way to view a situation. What's true for the group is also true for the individual. It's simple: Overspecialize, and you breed in weakness. It's slow death.-----------



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fatihg: Also, I really hope we get something similar to these: Jan 20, 2018 17:13:17 GMT -6
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fatihg: Jan 20, 2018 17:13:27 GMT -6
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Galamoth: I enjoyed using those on enemies in OoE. Imagine if we do get a weapon [that doesn't expend MP] which regularly summons demon-heads that bite enemies. Jan 20, 2018 17:16:38 GMT -6 *
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XombieMike: Holy crap... I just figured out the latest treat for showing us the fox mask may have been a nod to a cosplayer!!! Jan 21, 2018 22:17:52 GMT -6
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gunlord500: :o!!! Jan 22, 2018 0:42:45 GMT -6
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estebant: Hey there! Is there a way you could tell me how you got hold of that wikia ecclesia gif? As far as I know most weapon animations in the wiki have been created by me. Jan 22, 2018 15:44:15 GMT -6 *
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estebant: However the picture you linked is blurry and shrunk down even though is the exact same URL? Jan 22, 2018 15:44:24 GMT -6
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estebant: Jan 22, 2018 15:44:56 GMT -6 *
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estebant: I don't understand... Jan 22, 2018 15:45:25 GMT -6
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estebant: I made sure every image I made was sized correctly... Jan 22, 2018 15:46:18 GMT -6
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purifyweirdsoul: You might need to PM fatihg or catch him on the discord, I don't see him in the shoutbox much Jan 22, 2018 16:02:34 GMT -6
estebant Avatar
estebant: Does his gif appear shrunk down in comparison to mine on your end? Jan 22, 2018 16:23:32 GMT -6
purifyweirdsoul Avatar
purifyweirdsoul: Looks the same to me, URL and everything. Maybe you have a different version cached or something? Jan 22, 2018 16:28:00 GMT -6
estebant Avatar
estebant: Maybe.... Jan 22, 2018 16:44:43 GMT -6
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estebant: Jan 22, 2018 16:44:47 GMT -6
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estebant: If you go to the animation section and click it it displays the right way.... Jan 22, 2018 16:45:11 GMT -6
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estebant: But it's whatever. Jan 22, 2018 16:45:29 GMT -6
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gunlord500: I would recommend PMing him, our board does have a pretty good private messaging system :) Jan 23, 2018 3:30:52 GMT -6
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JeffCross: is it me or does it feel like an update is coming soon? or is that just my wishful thinking hahaha Jan 23, 2018 12:20:25 GMT -6
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purifyweirdsoul: It is definitely coming "Soon" of course Jan 23, 2018 12:51:24 GMT -6