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Secrets and dishonesty are burdens, easily avoided by the truth.


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Galamoth: In any case, maybe will wait 'til after Star Wars Episode VIII officially airs in theaters before we're threatened with the next December Treat. Dec 13, 2017 15:27:50 GMT -6 *
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freddythemonkey: : I haven't laughed this hard in days! The best way to transform a typo into comedy gold (rofl) Dec 13, 2017 16:17:41 GMT -6
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Galamoth: To whom it may concern: Dec 13, 2017 17:39:52 GMT -6
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Galamoth: (The two posts I just deleted count as spoilers, so I'll just say "expect a reference to the familiar") Dec 13, 2017 17:46:43 GMT -6
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Nezuto: Yey Dec 13, 2017 19:12:54 GMT -6
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ghaleon: I clicked on Galamoth's link expecting this instead: Dec 14, 2017 0:42:47 GMT -6
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Galamoth: Also this; new Dissidia NT gameplay footage featuring Exdeath & the "Cloud of Light" (Cloud of Darkness alt. costume): (Even Noctis is in this) Dec 14, 2017 1:21:21 GMT -6 *
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Brainiac: I do try, . Glad I amused. Also, more Dissidia vids are always welcome. I will admit, I am slightly more intrigued by it actually being a proper sequel rather than a reboot. Leaves me wondering if Cosmos will cameo. Dec 14, 2017 8:37:30 GMT -6
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Brainiac: I doubt Chaos could, but I'm all for any appearance of Keith David. Dec 14, 2017 8:37:52 GMT -6
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Enkeria Gin: December Treat 2 ? Angel is about to Hydro Storm... Dec 14, 2017 13:58:14 GMT -6
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Motoko: Exdeath is a tree. Dec 14, 2017 14:03:50 GMT -6
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purifyweirdsoul: Man don't even joke about Hydro Storm. That's like one of my favoritest things ever ;_; Dec 14, 2017 14:04:49 GMT -6 *
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Enkeria Gin: Angel did do a Hydro Storm. Dec 14, 2017 14:30:53 GMT -6
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Enkeria Gin: Treat 2 - Dec 14, 2017 15:01:27 GMT -6
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Brainiac: So, it's official. The Mutants have come home. Isn't it just Fantastic? (the antitrust and conglomerations concerns sour it quite a bit, though) Dec 14, 2017 15:45:54 GMT -6
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purifyweirdsoul: Eh, me personally I feel it's more of a Jubilee than all Doom and gloom. Dec 14, 2017 15:50:08 GMT -6
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Brainiac: <snort> Dec 14, 2017 15:53:05 GMT -6
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purifyweirdsoul: Ok I now have 1337 wall macs. That's cute and all and I wouldn't mind stopping there, but I know I'm going to instinctively click any of them that I still see...sigh lol Dec 14, 2017 16:55:30 GMT -6
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ClearAzure: The only other possible milestone for you then is to reach 13337. It's the most logical conclusion _meat Dec 14, 2017 17:19:32 GMT -6
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purifyweirdsoul: Crap, I just got one without thinking already haha Dec 14, 2017 21:31:19 GMT -6