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Astaroth Avatar
Astaroth: yay got a reply back from squeenix on mana collection Apr 27, 2017 22:21:08 GMT -6 *
Astaroth Avatar
Astaroth: stock were forwarding your request and cant promise anything, but they got it Apr 27, 2017 22:22:12 GMT -6
BalancedHydra Avatar
BalancedHydra: Yay! Thanks . Apr 28, 2017 7:44:00 GMT -6
purifyweirdsoul Avatar
purifyweirdsoul: Mana was "blasting the podcast at the office" .... xD wow. I'm so honored _heart Apr 28, 2017 8:10:56 GMT -6
Goobsausage Avatar
Goobsausage: Nice to hear you finally heard something back about the Mana game collection, Astaroth. Apr 28, 2017 13:07:49 GMT -6 *
purifyweirdsoul Avatar
purifyweirdsoul: Everybody that has PS+ should get the FREEEEEEE Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 demo on Monday. It's the full arcade game + training mode Apr 28, 2017 13:32:50 GMT -6
Galamoth Avatar
Galamoth: I just noticed that was on here an hour ago. Apr 28, 2017 14:53:31 GMT -6 *
Galamoth Avatar
Galamoth: Are we getting a late April update sometime soon? Apr 28, 2017 14:54:02 GMT -6
Fangamer Steve Avatar
Fangamer Steve: I don't have a time-frame for the next update just yet. Apr 28, 2017 15:43:21 GMT -6 *
Fangamer Steve Avatar
Fangamer Steve: I haven't worked on anything for the next update yet, but Mana and IGA's team have probably been cooking up the assets for it. Apr 28, 2017 15:45:42 GMT -6
Galamoth Avatar
Galamoth: I don't think most people were expecting the next update to be about the voice-actors either, until yesterday's announcement. Apr 28, 2017 15:47:48 GMT -6 *
Galamoth Avatar
Galamoth: Apr 28, 2017 15:48:45 GMT -6
Fangamer Steve Avatar
Fangamer Steve: Heh, if I had to take a guess, they've probably been suuuper busy with the trip to Croatia and the voice recording sessions (and all of the other magical game-making stuff they do). Apr 28, 2017 15:49:50 GMT -6
purifyweirdsoul Avatar
purifyweirdsoul: Yeah, and the Croatia presentation and recording bits were like mini updates, to me, and we had a BCB just a few days ago, so...I think fans will be all right for a bit if they were hungry. Apr 28, 2017 16:00:35 GMT -6
purifyweirdsoul Avatar
purifyweirdsoul: _meat _meat _meat _wine Apr 28, 2017 16:01:10 GMT -6
Goobsausage Avatar
Goobsausage: I'd like an April update just so we have one for this month, but the Croatia presentation, voice acting updates, and BCB episode are a nice substitute. Apr 28, 2017 16:20:10 GMT -6
Galamoth Avatar
Galamoth: Yes. I'd like 3 wall-meats and wine with my update, too. _candles Apr 28, 2017 17:11:35 GMT -6 *
Lestaroth Avatar
Lestaroth: I haven't written a long post in ages here. All done. *fools around now* Apr 28, 2017 17:27:40 GMT -6
crocodile Avatar
crocodile: To be fair (or play devil's advocate, I'm not sure what term to use), most backers have no idea the stuff at Croatia, voice actor recordings or the BCB happened. A formal update still has value. But yeah, I envision they are pretty busy in Japan. Apr 28, 2017 18:27:04 GMT -6
purifyweirdsoul Avatar
purifyweirdsoul: Yeah, that kind of goes without saying. The more interested a fan is in the project, the deeper he will look for those things, otherwise they are probably content with the last one still for now, speaking most generally. Apr 28, 2017 21:41:36 GMT -6 *