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newBookmarkLockedFalling Miriam rises in water too quick
allooutrick 0 45 by allooutrick
Jun 30, 2018 16:55:19 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Miriam gets stuck falling onto platform Galleon. roomw/Ghost
loneserenade 8 129 by kestral63
Jun 30, 2018 16:49:41 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Objects dropped too close to a wall are unobtainable
cyberakuma 11 140 by seiya
Jun 30, 2018 16:49:37 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Projectiles act funny during rotating/curved screen areas
cyberakuma 2 71 by huberoz
Jun 30, 2018 16:29:47 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Galleon Minerva bug - Background after reaching village
Fuchigane 3 89 by allooutrick
Jun 30, 2018 16:11:11 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Hit detection
ovenkitty 3 54 by kestral63
Jun 30, 2018 16:01:27 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling You can accept the "Avenge the death of Annette" quest twice
tekrelm 0 43 by tekrelm
Jun 30, 2018 15:51:59 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Crafting Bunny Boots keeping crafting item
loneserenade 1 78 by rollplay
Jun 30, 2018 15:27:22 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Dialogue Languge changed form english to japanese
caobie 2 48 by caobie
Jun 30, 2018 14:57:57 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Softlock when jumping off a ledge
caobie 0 34 by caobie
Jun 30, 2018 14:22:21 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Serious Bug: Stuck in the Wall Above the Drawbridge
Invariel 8 119 by mightymo77
Jun 30, 2018 13:13:46 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Input cancellation issue
ovenkitty 2 65 by ovenkitty
Jun 30, 2018 13:10:34 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Interesting case of a minor bug preventing a major bug.
lovelydumpling 7 153 by lovelydumpling
Jun 30, 2018 13:00:12 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Whip Hit Box On Overhanging Lanterns
rollplay 2 75 by Astaroth
Jun 30, 2018 12:52:14 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Level up cancels Shard animation
Mizu 2 67 by thrashinuva
Jun 30, 2018 11:06:55 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Voice option doesn't change miriam's volume during gameplay
gigaganon 1 61 by Astaroth
Jun 30, 2018 10:55:00 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Bug: Loot Falls Through Chandeliers
Invariel 9 136 by Astaroth
Jun 30, 2018 10:38:44 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Miriam is redish at the menu at a certain area
Pure Miriam 3 73 by Astaroth
Jun 30, 2018 9:35:13 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Equipping "Stone Mask" Accessory Removes Helmet/Head
Overlord 7 186 by Astaroth
Jun 30, 2018 9:24:36 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Weapon sort by category has some issues
comeonfhqwhgads 2 43 by Astaroth
Jun 30, 2018 9:14:18 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Zangetsu Keeps Rowing...
rollplay 2 102 by zianor
Jun 30, 2018 8:37:08 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Katana Glitch
Pure Miriam 28 96 by Invariel
Jul 4, 2018 15:02:40 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Miriam's hand Silhouette visual glitch
zianor 0 41 by zianor
Jun 30, 2018 4:22:03 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Summon Bat Shard Hitbox issues
zianor 0 41 by zianor
Jun 30, 2018 4:06:35 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Sabnok clipping through the platform visual glitch
huberoz 0 55 by huberoz
Jun 30, 2018 3:39:08 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Bugs listed from Steam discussions
Nezuto 2 159 by Arikado
Jun 30, 2018 2:09:09 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Bug: Phantom Platform
Invariel 0 49 by Invariel
Jun 30, 2018 2:05:24 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Total food bonuses no longer displayed
kestral63 0 34 by kestral63
Jun 30, 2018 1:40:39 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling VA changed to Japanese
Starsmith 3 95 by lovelydumpling
Jun 30, 2018 0:06:15 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Bug: Single space before item names in shops
apebit 1 51 by lovelydumpling
Jun 30, 2018 0:02:04 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Johannes is still hanging out in the first room
kestral63 1 38 by rollplay
Jun 29, 2018 21:37:48 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Jumping Cerulean Splash misfires
kestral63 0 30 by kestral63
Jun 29, 2018 21:10:35 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling 当たり判定の消失
tabone 1 81 by giwagiwa
Jun 29, 2018 19:16:19 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Can Accept Completed Quests from Lindsay
rollplay 4 48 by rollplay
Jun 29, 2018 21:02:21 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Frozen animation after landing from a midair hit.
Leinbo Belmont 5 79 by Leinbo Belmont
Jun 29, 2018 18:44:42 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Backhop delay when using the gun.
lovelydumpling 4 92 by hakurou46
Jun 29, 2018 17:30:43 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Mana does not replenish (can't repeat)
JeffCross 3 70 by allooutrick
Jun 29, 2018 17:18:54 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Blade mastery shard
vorpaltiger 1 70 by oneupwill
Jun 29, 2018 16:56:51 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Screen color flickering when in fullscreen
lovelydumpling 7 109 by Dengojin
Jun 29, 2018 16:51:48 GMT -6
newBookmarkLockedFalling Enemy seizures during their death+Level up animation
alvaster 1 46 by cyberakuma
Jun 29, 2018 16:45:39 GMT -6

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Carnack Ketral Avatar
Carnack Ketral: They just wanted to try something new, i guess? Jul 19, 2018 9:32:23 GMT -6
Mr. Welldone Avatar
Mr. Welldone: Making games is an art. Artists get bored reproducing something (except lithographers, but that's something else). I'm content to let this be what it is. When artists get bored, their work fails. Jul 19, 2018 9:48:08 GMT -6
azdrerios Avatar
azdrerios: : You can't force creativity. It was quite obvious from Curse of Darkness that IGA really wanted to make a 2D vania game with 3D visuals. This is his chance to do just that. It's a new series, so new things are to be expected. Jul 19, 2018 15:52:14 GMT -6
ZeroSbr Avatar
ZeroSbr: They haven't done the SotN art style since...SotN. No game has, really. Ecclesia got close, but it wasn't quite the same art style. Jul 19, 2018 17:23:41 GMT -6
ghaleon Avatar
ghaleon: Do recall lots of people liked t he 2.5d in the new guilty gear... I think it's ok to keep trying 2.5d, eventually developers will gain the skills and knowledge to make it in a way to satisfy the more 2d purist types IMO. Jul 20, 2018 0:20:56 GMT -6
ghaleon Avatar
ghaleon: plus unreal engine probably has everything 3d by default. I mean you could fudge it by pasting really thin models on an invisible flat surface or something, but you would have to make the entire game made in that fashion. Jul 20, 2018 0:22:14 GMT -6
ghaleon Avatar
ghaleon: which would be ok but I imagine new game developer talent grew up with 3d moreso than sprites these days, so it would be difficult and/or expensive to hire people who can do everything in pure 2d. I'm just speculating though Jul 20, 2018 0:22:45 GMT -6
freddythemonkey Avatar
freddythemonkey: I still think it's weird to see spectacular looking 2D games done by small teams with a handful of money and being told that this wasn't possible in this case Jul 20, 2018 5:28:40 GMT -6
freddythemonkey Avatar
freddythemonkey: A kind user explained to me why a bigger team costs more but I'm still really baffled that 5,5 + millions on Kickstarter PLUS the publisher's money still weren't enough. Oh well, there's no point now but it's still strange to me Jul 20, 2018 5:30:59 GMT -6
Scars Unseen Avatar
Scars Unseen: It's not just a bigger team thing, but a level of detail issue. A lot of the 2D indie games succeed by establishing a visually pleasing aesthetic with limited details and animation fidelity. Jul 20, 2018 9:11:09 GMT -6
Scars Unseen Avatar
Scars Unseen: Very few have anything like the kind of detail SotN has, and none that I'm aware of at both that level of detail at a like or greater scale. Jul 20, 2018 9:13:06 GMT -6
Scars Unseen Avatar
Scars Unseen: And a SotN successor would need to do both, and at a higher resolution, making everything even more work. Top that off with the fact that SotN itself borrowed assets from previous games, and the goal to surpass SotN in 2D becomes a herculean task. Jul 20, 2018 9:15:43 GMT -6
Scars Unseen Avatar
Scars Unseen: $5.5M is not enough to pay for a herculean task. Jul 20, 2018 9:17:10 GMT -6
Astaroth Avatar
Astaroth: also the number of really great sprite artists are few and far between, iga had a couple back in the sotn days and thats why sotn was 2d, he had assets, a previous working knowledge of rondo, and the availability of a really great 2d team that could Jul 20, 2018 17:00:08 GMT -6
Astaroth Avatar
Astaroth: finegle 2d on a system built for 3d, he may still have curry and a few others but he doesnt have the 5-7 years it would take to completely build a 2d game with 2d sprites from literally nothing, look at cuphead and how long it took to develop and it needed Jul 20, 2018 17:02:41 GMT -6
Astaroth Avatar
Astaroth: M$ money to do so, could it be made, yes, but you see how ignorant of game design most people are when they complain that its been what 3 years since the kickstarter dropped and people have been complaining the games not out since march 2017 Jul 20, 2018 17:05:16 GMT -6
Astaroth Avatar
Astaroth: its one of those catch 22s to try to explain Jul 20, 2018 17:06:04 GMT -6
purifyweirdshard Avatar
purifyweirdshard: And explain it we have done, and after we do so, the people that ask the question are nowhere to be seen. At least it feels that way Jul 20, 2018 18:03:41 GMT -6
Autumn Avatar
Autumn: The last time anyone asked, they said they still haven't begun the porting phase, right? Jul 21, 2018 11:18:36 GMT -6
Autumn Avatar
Autumn: Unreal Engine 4 recently received an update that added a bunch of optimization tools for those who develop Nintendo Switch games, which makes me pretty excited to see how Bloodstained's Switch port might benefit from it. Jul 21, 2018 11:20:36 GMT -6